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So you have a really amazing product. It might be something you eat, something you wear on your feet or a really cool new dog brush. Whatever it is, the packaging design must grab a customer’s attention and reinforce all your brand promises.


Creative graphic design should provoke a positive reaction, using relevant ideas to engage with your customers or clients and leave a positive lasting impression.

High impact graphic design that makes you stand out in crowd. Give your customers something to touch and feel and that hangs around as a reminder. Whilst keeping consistent quality design across digital and print.


Tabletop photography / Catalogue photography / Green screen projects / Group product photography / Product photography on seamless backgrounds / High-resolution files for print and web / Skilled photo editing Colour correction / Product image processing


I can provide the design solutions that will make your business unforgettable. Whether it is marketing material, Graphic Design, a new logo, branding or a custom made animation, I am excited about helping you connect with your customers.

About Me

Graphic design without creativity and knowledge is useless.

• Highly creative & innovative Senior Graphic & Packaging Designer with over 10 years experience

• Extensive experience in food packaging, visual communication, marketing and brand development

• Responsible for designing the packages, pouches, and labeling from brainstorming to implementation

• Meticulous attention to CFIA regulation, CPG food and beverage and policies regarding rules and restriction

• Collaboration and cooperation with project managers regarding the market demands and upcoming projects

• In deep knowledge of materials and treatments of printing techniques for food and other packaging

• Expert in commercial photo shooting, editing, and retouching

• Create Marketing material design including banners, brochures, promotions, event planning, posters and...

• Experienced in large format and offset printing and prepress

• Knowledge and operating large format Agfa Jeti Mira and “Asanti” prepress

• Familiar with website design

• Knowledge about motion graphic design and work with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

• Musician and Music composer and expert to match music and movies in motion graphics.

• Experienced Wordpress and Shopify editing


Toronto time 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Canada Cell: (+1) 647 233 1971

E-mail: kouroshbabaei@yahoo.com

Or: info@kouroshbabaei.com

Call with internet telephone application such as VIBER - WATHSAPP - TELEGRAM - IMO

Tehran Time 4:00 PM to 6:00 AM

IRAN Mobile (+98 912) 100 5412

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